E-Commerce In 2018: 5 Trends To Keep An Eye On

The world of e-commerce witnessed many trends in 2017 – some bigger than others. It enabled retailers to capitalize on consumer trends, while others struggled to keep up. Advancements in technological improvements have improved the way consumers interact and shop online, empowering them to readily seek information on just about any product, and raised the … Read more

Video: The New King of Influencer Marketing

By Allon Caidar Brands and retailers have long banked on the power of influencers to promote their brand or products. It’s been a great way to build trust by creating useful and relevant content that consumers can relate with. Over the years influencer marketing has grown in popularity due to its high success rate, and … Read more

TVPage Launches Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing at Shoptalk 2018

TVPage’s Launch of New Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing Platform, the New Features and Functionalities Will Be Debuted at Shoptalk 2018 TVPage, the leading provider of cloud-based interactive video ecommerce technology, announced the launch of Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing, a first of its kind branded program that unites brands, products, affiliate marketing, and influencers on the … Read more

There’s just something about Adriene: How Yoga with Adriene dominates YouTube

By Brittany Levine Beckman Adriene Mishler exudes plenty of mushy-gushy spiritual thinking, but the yoga evangelist embraces something else, too: self-deprecating humor. That’s part of what has made her so accessible to her 3.2 million YouTube subscribers. When she mentions self-love or chakras, she bookends it with “Okayyyy, Adriene,” or when she directs you to … Read more