Macy’s Looks Internally to Find Next Big Influencer Campaign

Retail giant recruiting employees for brand ambassador program By Diana Pearl, AdWeek When it comes to influencer marketing, more and more brands are looking to established bloggers or Instagram superstars with six-figure follower counts to promote their brands. Macy’s, however, is taking a different approach. The retail giant is instead searching internally within its store and corporate … Read more

7 Ways Brands Are Evolving Their Message For Digital Video

“Mary Meeker at Kleiner Perkins said it best: ‘Content is the store,’” said Allon Caidar, founder and CEO of TVPage, an online shoppable video platform. Written by Giselle Abramovich – Senior & Strategic Editor – Consumers sure are hungry for their daily digital video. Today, they spend almost 83 minutes per day consuming this type of content, heading toward … Read more