10 Influencer Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye On

By Deep Patel Influencer marketing is a hybrid of old and new marketing tools. It takes the idea of the celebrity endorsement and re-configures it to fit with today’s social media–driven world. Unlike celebrities, influencers can come from any background or industry, and they can have varying amounts of followers. One thing they all have in common … Read more

How Brands Can Improve Influencer Marketing To Remain In Touch With Consumers

By Andrew Arnold Influencer marketing – a six-figure line 72% of brands had in their marketing budget this year. There’s no point in denying: influencer marketing works. At least for now in its current form. As we all know, once a marketing trick becomes popular, its effectiveness starts shrinking over time. This already happened to organic Facebook reach … Read more

Inside Macy’s 300-employee influencer program

By Michael Bodley Macy’s in-house influencer team is showing signs of progress. Since launching a pilot version of Macy’s Style Crew last fall with 20 employee “ambassadors,” Macy’s has invested in growing the program. More than 300 employees participated this past spring, and there are now more than 400 active employees across social media channels, including Snapchat … Read more