Take the Guesswork Out of Affiliate Video Marketing – Get TVPage!

The problem with traditional affiliate video marketing is the lack of a complete picture when it comes to sales attribution. Traditional affiliate networks do not serve shoppable video experiences and therefore cannot connect active video engagement to sales. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, the TVPage Video Commerce Cloud is able to measure sales resulting from actual … Read more

Statistics That Prove You Need Video Marketing in Your Business

By Jomer Gregorio Content marketing plays a crucial role in the success of many companies and small businesses today. Through publishing fresh, relevant, and helpful content in the form of blog, articles, how-to guides, and whitepapers, businesses can build authority, awareness, and thought leadership, while at the same time, amass more loyal followers and potentially acquire … Read more

eTail West 2019: Visit TVPage’s CEO Panelist

Are you attending eTail West? If so, make sure to attend the “Omni-Channel Experiences that You Need Tomorrow” speaking session on Wednesday, Feb 20th @ 3:00 PM.  TVPage CEO Allon Caidar, along with 2 other panelists, will be discussing strategies to keep your customers coming back to your stores and driving sales across all touch points! What You … Read more

Toys, Tech Dominate YouTube ‘Hauls’ And ‘Unboxing’ Videos

By Alex Weprin YouTube has become one of the main places to find “influencers” using their platforms to promote goods or services. Within the influencer marketing world, two genres of videos have taken over, becoming commonplace among channels looking to break through: unboxing videos and haul videos. Unboxing videos show the influencer opening a box to … Read more


Google has reaffirmed the value of the TV Page! Google continuously optimizes its algorithms to bring consumers the best results. Recent updates have further emphasized the significance of a standalone video page for video SEO. TVPage continuously stays abreast of Google’s updates and will ensure that the video experiences served by the Video Commerce Cloud … Read more

How E-Commerce Video Advertising Will Strike Yet Another Blow to Commercial TV

By Dr Alex Connock Tech disrupts most industries – just look at Spotify and music or Uber and taxis. But at least it has the good manners to smash them up one at a time. So even in this disruptive era, one innovation stands out because it risks damaging three 20th-century industries at once: retail, advertising, and commercial TV … Read more