5 reasons to use micro-influencers to boost eCommerce sales

The high competition in the eCommerce industry has driven many professionals to resort to multiple marketing strategies to attract customers attention and increase sales. One of the most prominent trends in the marketing industry right now is influencer marketing. While top influencers are often inaccessible and too expensive for smaller brands, micro-influencers can easily become a part … Read more

Allon Caidar to Speak @ Savant Berlin 2020

Join TV Page CEO, Allon Caidar, at 11:00 on January 29 at Savant Berlin to learn how to harness shoppable influencer video on your site to increase both traffic and sales.Topic: “How to manage videos and influencers to increase visibility and conversion on eCommerce.” Session Overview: Fighting diminishing returns in online marketing. Improving and controlling … Read more