Video Commerce Sales are up by 300% during COVID-19

Across all TVPage clients, ecommerce sales generated by video have increased by 300% since February 1, 2020. As people are unable to walk into stores, they spend more time watching video on ecommerce sites. In comparison, ecommerce sales across all TVPage clients have grown by 35% since February 1, 2020. So, while ecommerce is booming … Read more

Influencers’ currency has increased during Covid-19 crisis

Since the coronavirus outbreak changed daily life, events have been canceled, ad spending is down and, in the worst cases, some businesses have already closed. Even with this disruption, brands are still clamoring for consumer attention, but it’s difficult to know how to talk to customers under the current circumstances. Leaning into influencer marketing through organic partnerships has helped. … Read more

Innovation in the Middle of Uncertainty: Where Are Retailers Really Heading?

“Although most brands have mastered the basics of personalization online, the ability to re-create the in-store experience online continues to be a challenge for today’s e-commerce and marketing leaders. Whether triggering an in-the-moment abandonment message or displaying how much stock is left for a specific sku, finding solutions that can be designed, developed and delivered … Read more

How the Online Salesperson is Reshaping Traditional Retail Sales

Retail sales have been radically altered by the internet and the rise of e-commerce. Today, most people prefer to buy products from digital storefronts rather than physical shops. This change in consumer habits has turned the retail sales associate profession, once a viable, long-term career, into a largely undesirable position. However, modern technology and the … Read more