Find your perfect brand based on your unique influencer style

As a creator, you have so many opportunities to partner with brands for collaborations and campaigns… but how do you choose the right one? One of the best ways is to align with brands based on your unique influencer style. Are you a Lifestylist? A Thought Leader? An Expert? Once you know your unique influencer … Read more

How to get an influencer to choose your brand

When it comes to influencer marketing, in many cases, it’s up to the brand to go after the creators they want to work with.  But how do you ensure it’s a viable long-term partnership; that the creators speak your brand’s language? Or, even better, how do you set yourself up so influencers reach out to … Read more

Last-minute influencer marketing campaign ideas for ecommerce brands

If you’re a little behind in pulling together your influencer marketing strategy for the holidays, don’t worry.  There are still many ways to find the right influencers and create a scalable, profitable campaign to hit your year-end revenue goals. In fact, with last-minute online shopping being extremely common in recent years, a final hours influencer … Read more