Why top outdoor brands use influencer marketing to diversify audiences

The latest marketing trend for outdoor brands is using influencer marketing to diversify their audiences. In the outdoor world, consumers often want to know the best brands and products to use for various activities, from hiking boot recommendations to must-have climbing gear and everything in between. Partnering with the right influencers can mean turning one-to-one … Read more

The future of beauty brands: connection, commerce & community

Beauty brands have never been more diverse than presently. There are products, treatments, and solutions for just about every niche: from eco-friendly and vegan to demographically specific options. And while the beauty industry will continue to niche down and serve even more niches, the global future of beauty brand success comes down to “The 3 … Read more

Hot influencer marketing tips from top beauty brands

The relationship between influencers and brands has revolutionized the beauty industry – and led to some major upticks in revenue for big and small companies alike.  Beauty brands are now spending up to 50% of their digital budgets on livestream content, according to Audrey Depraeter-Montacel, global beauty lead at Accenture. That’s an astonishing leap in … Read more

Simple hacks to get started with influencer marketing right now

Right now online retailers are seeing incredible profits thanks to simple technology geared to amplify sales – and enable nimble marketing. But did you know that a large part of the success of online shopping in the past few years is due in part to influencer marketing, specifically? According to Shopify, “influencer marketing is expected … Read more