Publisher Ad Campaigns

Video Commerce Application


We all understand the value of video advertising. If you are a merchant, you may already be running an affiliate program and syndicating product offers to publisher affiliates today. Just consider the possibilities of fueling a Video Commerce widget on a targeted publisher site where your customers love to spend their time. They can learn about your brand, products and shop directly from the video! It's that simple!

Increase Return on Ad Spend from Publisher Advertising with intelligent Video Commerce campaigns. Dynamically leverage first party video audiences in combination with conversion and engagement data to deliver the optimal creative to the right audience, in real-time. The VCC Campaign Manager supports campaigns by re-targeting video-viewers with highest-converting shoppable videos that cater to their viewing habits across your site.

Publisher Ad Campaigns leverage the VCC Video Recommendation Engine, Matching Engine and Dynamic Performance Testing capabilities to programmatically serve the highest performing content. Remove the guesswork and optimize spend by leveraging video-viewing preference data collected from Video Commerce Web Experiences and Video Audiences.



How It Works




12% Click-through Rates from on-site Publisher Ad Campaigns

This data was derived from a study ran by TVPage across multiple publishers in different verticals during a 3-month period. On average, TVPage saw a 12% click-through rate from such Video Commerce publisher experiences.