The #1 way to measure ROI on your influencer marketing campaigns

There are a lot of articles out there that talk about multiple ways to gauge ROI on influencer marketing spend and efforts. For example, Social Media Week covered 4 ways to measure influencer marketing. Many experts (like Social Media Week) focus on social media engagement and vanity metrics, like likes and shares, to measure a … Read more

What does success look like in an influencer campaign?

Influencer marketing is a fast-growing part of many brands’ marketing mix, but success metrics have yet to become as sophisticated as other channels. Oftentimes, the nebulous data reported from influencer campaigns requires a lot more work for the marketer. However, there are important ways to measure a well-executed, rewarding influencer campaign that don’t solely have … Read more

What the death of 3rd party cookies means for influencer marketing

Did you know that most influencer marketing campaigns rely on third-party tracking in determining ROI? Here’s an example: let’s say you partner with an influencer to promote your skincare products. They post within their own social channels and push people to a link (often with a promo code) that attributes them as the source. You, … Read more

Is your influencer marketing strategy working?

You’ve probably already figured out that the influencer today is what the billboard was 15 years ago. If your brand didn’t have a presence in a prime location back then, it was nearly impossible to stand out and make an impact.  The same goes with the newest marketing channel: influencers. There is no doubt it’s … Read more

How Will Brands Shape Their Influencer Marketing Strategy In Line with Lockdown Lifting?

Influencer marketing was worth $1.7 billion in 2016. This year, it is expected to reach $13.8 billion. That’s considerable growth. We witnessed a seismic shift in marketing capabilities when the pandemic first hit. Physical stores shut down, and suddenly brand marketers were unable to execute pre-planned above-the-line campaigns the way they thought they’d be able … Read more