Dynamic Video on Product Pages

New Traffic, New Sales

Become the Destination

Turn on TV Pages and enable ambassadors (sales associates, customers, and industry influencers) to post shoppable video and photo pages to your online store. Your new ambassadors will share their posted TV Pages with their social audiences, generating new sales and new traffic for your online store. Now you can manage and moderate all engagement onsite instead of across the web!

New Traffic. New Sales.

Google states that you need “a standalone page for every video on your site” in order to generate a corresponding search result on your site for that video. Our platform automatically publishes a dedicated page for every approved video. Our shoppable “TV Pages” are perfected for SEO and are a great place to land new traffic from email or ad campaigns. On average, 70% of users watch a video before making a purchase.

Complete Keyword Coverage

Since the Video Commerce Cloud manages and optimizes product relationships for every video, and since all TV Pages contain matching product offers, you are certain to gain comprehensive keyword coverage yielding high value from video search results.

Add Video Anywhere On-Site

Want to get video into your existing page templates? Our video widgets are easy to embed into any existing page template: Home, Category, Product, Campaign & Blog. Just deploy our widget code once and let our AI-driven video recommendation engine do the work.

Engaging Video Search

Deliver video search results matched to your products and create new visual engagement from your on-site search engine. Easily import your matched products for display within search results. Each search result links to a dedicated TV Page where the video content will autoplay, just like YouTube, except the user stays on your site.