Published: January 22, 2017

Let the Machine Do It: How Smarter Computers are Accelerating Digital Commerce

As retailers battle it out online with Amazon, they know that a fast leap from marshaling their data to taking action is one place to look for a competitive edge. New developments in cognitive computing—systems that mimic the human brain in how they acquire, process and even take action on what’s learned—not only condense data analysis to find opportunities, but instantly recommend specific activities to exploit them.

This webinar, featuring guest speaker Nikki Baird of Retail Systems Research, will cover how advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence (as powered by IBM Watson) span key digital commerce functions and roles–from optimizing a fulfillment network, to explaining (and helping to solve) why revenue on a product is dropping, to synching online merchandising with business goals as they change.

The end game? Increased speed (and competitive edge) that turns complex data into retail results.