Insert salespeople into your online store

Salespeople are your brand ambassadors, and may include your in-store associates, customers, and approved influencers.

Turn on storefronts for salespeople within your online store. Invite your store associates, customers, and influencers to apply directly on your site. Once approved, each salesperson simply logs into their account on your site (or on the Storefront mobile app) and can personalize their storefront with ease. Salespeople can then post shoppable videos and photos which they share to their social audiences. They can also host live shopping events, schedule appointments, and chat directly with customers.  Commission your salespeople via the  TVPage platform on their sales and/or the engagement they generate. Leverage and repurpose all content dynamically on product pages with the TVPage product matching engine.

Personalized Experience

Make it your own! Style your storefront with a custom background photo and profile pic.

Shoppable Collections

Search the catalog, curate collections, and share commissionable links with your followers on social.

Shoppable Videos

Post videos and tag them with relevant products from your brand’s catalog.

Live Shopping

Promote Live Shopping events on Ambassador Storefronts

Appointment Scheduling

Salespeople can engage with customers directly via your appointment scheduling software of choice.


Customers message salespeople directly on storefronts.