Content Portal

Video Commerce Cloud


The VCC Content Portal automatically surfaces earned and branded content recommendations for your products from across the web, increasing your product to video coverage with engaging social, lifestyle and informative content. Connect with Vendors and Influencers to generate increased content coverage. See Influencer Video Marketing to learn how you you can extend your affiliate marketing program to drive traffic from influencer social audiences with engaging shoppable video experiences. Create and manage a private content network directly from the VCC. Moderate all content directly from the VCC and maintain all assets in cohesive stages with a simplified workflow.


  • Increase video content coverage for your products
  • Automatically discover earned and branded content from across the web
  • Search and moderate by product, source, quality and other parameters
  • Identify and connect with select contributors for seamless transfer of video assets
  • Grow a proprietary influencer network driving new sales from influencer social audiences


  • Web Experiences
  • Mobile Apps
  • Video Site Search
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Video Marketing
  • Video SEO
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Publisher Ad Campaigns
  • Digital Signage


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