Dynamic Performance Testing

Video Commerce Cloud


Dynamic Performance Testing can enhance the dynamic channel content output from the VCC, forming an important feature that fuels the Video Recommendation Engine. Dynamically surface newly approved relevant video content to ensure that it is tested for performance in real time. As video asset performance increases, those assets are automatically surfaced higher by the VCC to ensure that your customer experience is continuously optimized for the highest-converting shoppable video assets.

The technology can be further leveraged to test for the optimal order of shoppable products with every video asset in real time. The products that perform better with any particular video asset, are surfaced higher by the VCC giving your customer experience the optimal chance to convert to sales.

Additionally, Dynamic Performance Testing can also be leveraged to fuel advertising campaigns on Facebook and other channels.


  • Optimize for highest converting videos
  • Optimize for top-selling products
  • Optimize for product clicks and click-through rates
  • Optimize for video views and view-through rates
  • Dynamic asset rotation for full test coverage
  • Self-service configuration


  • Web Experiences
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Publisher Ad Campaigns
  • Digital Signage


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