Dynamic Performance Testing

Video Commerce Cloud


The VCC Dynamic Performance Testing capabilities are integrated into all dynamic channel output configurations on the VCC. Optimize for VCC recommended strategies targeting conversion and engagement or configure custom strategies driven by any VCC-supported metric or analytics event.

Our machine-learning based testing engine utilizes user behavioral data to profile the highest engaging or highest converting video assets to learn which assets work best. This data can then be leveraged within advertising campaigns to deliver the best assets to target customers.


  • Optimize for highest converting videos
  • Optimize for top-selling products
  • Optimize for product clicks and click-through rates
  • Optimize for video views and view-through rates
  • Dynamic asset rotation for full test coverage
  • Self-service configuration


  • Web Experiences
  • Mobiles Apps
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Publisher Ad Campaigns
  • Digital Signage


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