Influencer Video Marketing

Video Commerce Cloud

Enable your influencers (industry influencers & micro-influencers such as your employees and customers) to share shoppable video links with their social followers, driving new traffic and sales. The VCC enables you to launch and run a branded influencer video marketing program and manage commission payouts to your influencers. You can include all brand influencers in your program.

Influencers are invited to create their own account, upload videos, match products, and post to their social audiences.

Influencers browse a pre-populated product catalog ingested from your eCommerce store, where products can be searched or navigated by any category or keyword. The Influencer then uploads and tags videos with products using our AI-assisted product recommendations for every video, leveraging the Product Matching Engine and Video Commerce Intelligence.

A shoppable TV Page is then automatically published for every video and influencers share their videos and associated links on their social channels. All traffic from this new engagement (video views, photo impressions, and product clicks) generate measurable sales for which influencers receive a commission at the percentage you set on the platform, on a per influencer basis.

Manage and moderate all influencers and associated content from a master dashboard where you can also repurpose the highest-performing content for dynamic distribution to product pages, category pages, and media campaigns.







On average, shoppers watch 89% through on ambassador video content, with an average of 2.5 minutes duration per video (determined from an extensive study of all TVPage clients across a 12 month period).

This means that ambassador videos are generating retention sessions that exceed 2 minutes, compared to a fraction of such retention on other pages of the site.