Influencers & Social Marketing

Video Commerce Cloud

Syndicate shoppable video to any social platform with the VCC. The VCC also enables you to launch and run an influencer video affiliate marketing program by paying out commissions to influencers through affiliate product links that are automatically matched to the influencer videos on the platform. Influencers are invited to sign up, upload videos, match products, and post to their social audiences.

The influencer browses a catalog driven by an affiliate marketing product feed ingested from any affiliate marketing network such as CJ, Share-a-Sale, Rakuten, or Pepperjam. The Influencer then uploads and tags videos with products using the TVP AI-assisted Product Matching system.

Shoppable video is posted by the Influencer to the various social networks directly from the VCC self-service dashboard, driving new clicks to your product pages from the Influencer's social audience. You can even invite employees at local stores to participate as micro-influencers.

Shoppable video from Influencers can also be repurposed to fuel your website's category pages and product pages dynamically, with VCC Recommendations.







23% of users who engage with video commerce ads on Facebook click on a related product offer

This data was derived from a study ran by TVPage across multiple clients in different verticals during a 6-month period. On average, 23% of consumers who engaged with the video ad clicked on one or more related product offers.