Interactive Video Player

Video Commerce Cloud


Built upon the most versatile adaptive streaming technology (both HLS and DASH compliant), the TVP online player - and supporting video hosting and delivery services - ensure the highest quality broadcast-grade customer experience. Simply upload any video asset to the VCC and it will automatically transcode each asset into multiple files so that your customers never experience buffering or delays regardless of their available bandwidth and network connections.

The TVP video player is based on industry standard HTML5 compliant video delivery technologies, backed by the most advanced CDN architecture for seamless global video delivery. Its lightweight construction allows for a high degree of configurability, which makes it perfect for any application.

The TVP video player forms a core component of all TVP interactive video commerce widgets and galleries, supporting cutting-edge loading practices and ensuring highly optimized, blazing fast video shopping experiences.


  • Custom Design & Functionality
  • MPEG-DASH Video Streaming
  • HLS Video Streaming
  • Support for 4K Ultra HD standards
  • Fast load time and playback start
  • Full support for Mobile Devices, Mobile Apps and Desktop Computers
  • Global Delivery Network


  • Web Experiences
  • Mobile Apps
  • Video Site Search
  • Email Marketing
  • Publisher Ad Campaigns
  • Digital Signage


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