Product Matching Engine

Video Commerce Cloud

The VCC AI-assisted Product Matching Engine automatically discovers and surfaces earned and branded content recommendations for your products from across the web, increasing your product to video coverage with engaging social, lifestyle and informative content.

The engine also generates matching product recommendations for every video you source and upload or import into your account (whether from your production studio, agency, ambassadors, brands, or customers).

This enables you to trigger related offers at key moments and locations throughout the video. The VCC will scan all metadata from each video (frames, audio, and other metadata) and generate precise matches to the right products from within your catalog. As you bring in content, the system leverages AI to learn and adapt to your taxonomy, keywords, and catalog in order to generate matches that are optimized for context, conversion, and engagement.







On average, merchants see an 80% lift in conversion rate when shoppers engage with video (determined from an extensive study of all TVPage clients across a 12 month period).