Recommendation Engine

Video Commerce Cloud


The VCC Recommendation Engine automatically generates video recommendations for your products, and product recommendations for your videos, this enables the output of the most engaging content with most relevant product offers, at any given time.

Recommended video data can also be further optimized by context, audience and performance. Utilize any dimension of analytics data within the VCC to surface the right video content at the right time to your consumers.

Recommended product data can be used to match products to your video content, at scale, providing a merchandised video experience at any stage of the customer journey.


  • Recommended products for any video
  • Recommended videos for any product
  • Real-time context driven outputs
  • Real-time performance driven outputs
  • Real-time audience driven outputs
  • Machine-trained business intelligence


  • Web Experiences
  • Mobiles Apps
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Publisher Ad Campaigns
  • Digital Signage


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