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Salespeople Management

Enable your salepeople (employees, customers, and industry influencers) to share shoppable videos with their social audiences, driving new traffic and sales. Launch and run branded storefronts program and manage commission payouts to all salespeople.

Manage candidates throughout the activation cycle - invite anyone to apply, and once approved, salespeople simply log in on your website or via the mobile app. Invite your sales associates to apply and/or tap into the TVPage Influencer Network.

Set commission rates, control and moderate all posts, and obtain all rights to the content. Sales from engagement with the shoppable content generate measurable commissions for each salesperson, and they can easily see all of their qualified sales and commission amounts on the app.

Monitor all results, sales and personal engagement KPIs from a master dashboard where you can also repurpose the highest-performing content for dynamic distribution to your product pages and other marketing campaigns.

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Enable salespeople storefronts on your site

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