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Storefronts for Online Salespeople

As a brand with an online store, storefronts are deployed on your subfolder or subdomain. They form a new, shoppable video-centric destination on your domain with the ability to sync with your header and footer for a seamless experience.

Storefronts incorporate stand-alone shoppable video pages that open up new opportunities for customer engagement, new organic traffic, salesperson-generated traffic, and new sales. Every such page becomes a search engine optimized video page (as recommended by Google for Video SEO) containing all relevant schema markup and video and product metadata. Combined with a dynamic video sitemap, shoppable video pages create the maximum opportunity to rank highly in search results for every video posted to your site.

All videos posted on the platform contain product metadata, guided by a growing video catalog for your online store. In leveraging this intelligent index, all pages contain the matching product keywords for every video, which become indexed via the Google video sitemap for maximum coverage and discoverability.

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