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Video Catalog

The TVPage platform extends your catalog to incorporate video, at scale. The platform maintains optimal product matches for any given video, and optimal video matches for any given product. By generating and leveraging such data, TVPage operates a fully automated service that dynamically inserts content at all stages of the funnel within your online store, for each category and product.

Extend your entire product catalog to incorporate rich media for every SKU, providing comprehensive keyword coverage for external and on-site search and navigation.

Without connecting content to your product metadata, the consumer’s video search experience would only support basic video metadata (ie. title and description). With a TVPage video powered catalog, search engines and product pages are able to surface the highest performing video that contains (or relates to) the specific product the consumer is looking for.

We generate data that forms an important part of your operational business intelligence, enhancing the search and discovery of your product and content across the web.

Dynamically surface matching videos on product pages, at scale, and make every video shoppable, with a growing video catalog.

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