Video Player & Asset Management

Video Commerce Cloud

Built upon the most versatile adaptive streaming technology (both HLS and DASH compliant), the TVP online video player - and supporting video hosting and delivery services - ensures the highest quality broadcast-grade customer experience. Both on-demand assets and live streaming are supported. For live streaming, generate an RTMP link on the Video Commerce Cloud (VCC) that you insert into any encoder. For on-demand assets, simply upload any video asset to the VCC. In each case, the VCC automatically transcodes each asset and/or stream into multiple files at different resolutions so that your customers never experience buffering or delays regardless of their available bandwidth and network connections. All assets are managed with a tight workflow on the VCC.

The TVP video player is based on industry-standard HTML5 compliant video delivery technologies, backed by the most advanced CDN architecture for seamless global video delivery. Its lightweight construction allows for a high degree of configurability, which makes it perfect for any application.

The TVP video player forms a core component of all TVP interactive shoppable video experiences, supporting cutting-edge loading practices and ensuring a highly optimized, blazing fast customer experience.







34% Increase in Average Order Value from Video Commerce Experiences

This data was derived from a study ran by TVPage across multiple clients in different verticals during a 12-month period. On average, TVPage saw an increase of 34% when comparing average order values from video visits versus average order values from standard non-video visits.