Video Recommendations

Video Commerce Cloud

The VCC Recommendation Engine automatically determines which videos to deliver to each page on your site and marketing channels, driven by three possible inputs: (i) page context (pass any variable from the page/domain), (ii) personalization (taking into account video audience associations that may be applicable to every consumer; and (iii) conversion and/or engagement optimization (sorting the delivered videos by highest converting and/or engaging videos for page context and audience).

You can utilize any dimension of analytics data within the VCC to surface the best suited video content at the right time to your consumers. VCC Video Recommendations give you the power you need to fuel a scalable video experience throughout your entire site.







53% Increase in Conversion Rate from Video Commerce Experiences

This data was derived from a study ran by TVPage across multiple clients in different verticals during a 12-month period. On average, TVPage saw an increase of 53% when comparing conversion rates from video visits versus conversion rates from standard non-video visits.