Video SEO & Site Search

Video Commerce Cloud

Today, an estimated 30% of search results on Google are video-specific. Consider the ROI from increasing your search traffic by up to 30%. The numbers are staggering. Moreover, watching video in the purchase funnel lifts your conversion rate by an average of 80%. Both figures above were determined from a study conducted by TVPage across all clients.

To achieve this, you must ensure that your site can surface video-centric pages that will compete with Youtube pages and other video-centric pages for search results. The primary benefit of publishing shoppable TV Pages is that every page receives a dedicated place to which Google can send traffic. In addition, since TV Pages leverage Video Commerce Intelligence, you can rest assured that all matching product keywords for every video will be captured by Google as it indexes page metadata, ensuring comprehensive keyword coverage.

TV Pages also become a natural way to support video search and all video-driven navigation on your site. As your shoppers search for videos with related keywords, simply send them to the appropriate TV Page for immediate engagement with the video and conversion into the funnel with related product offers. Turn to the VCC to ensure that highest-converting video results are fed to your site search engine, with all associated product metadata and Video Commerce Intelligence, by simply leveraging our embeddable javascript widgets, API and data feeds.

Lastly, leverage TV Pages for marketing initiatives, such as video email marketing (retaining traffic by sending shoppers to watch the shoppable video on your site) and Ambassador Relationship Management, for which the platform provides a branded dashboard on which your ambassadors (employees, customers, and industry influencers) log in and independently publish new shoppable content to TV Pages on your site, and share such pages with their social audiences (all moderation and content management is built into the platform).

All such links - supported by a tightly integrated content-driven shopping workflow - generate tremendous SEO value for your domain with added critical discoverability of your products on the web, catering to a consumer today who simply prefers to engage with video, at each and every opportunity. Don't miss out on this vital source of traffic - deploy TV Pages today!







"Make sure you have a publicly available video page where users can watch your video.  Google recommends using a dedicated video play page for each video."