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January 20, 2021

Bed Bath & Beyond and TVPage

The Power of Video for the Online Store.


Bed Bath & Beyond (Bed Bath), is a notable retailer for all that is home decor and design. Bed Bath’'s culture is customer-centric. Their commitment to customer service is supported by significant investments made to strengthen the company's foundation for future growth. Today, Bed Bath’s eCommerce businesses are rapidly growing to meet their customer's ever evolving needs.

A Bed Bath & Beyond Store

The Challenge

In the past few years, as eCommerce boomed and Bed Bath was faced with a clear need to evolve into the home decor and design expert outside of the realms of the brick and mortar store. The challenge the company faced was how to maintain their customer-centric culture in the online store. The Bed Bath team knew they would need to evolve beyond order processing online and somehow bring the in-store experience to life, digitally. 

This is when Bed Bath met TVPage.

The Solution

The solution was clear, incorporate videos that provide the equivalent in-store experience and bring the great Bed Bath expertise into everyone’s living room.

Bed Bath onboarded the TVPage platform that immediately enabled them to upload and publish content directly to the online store in the form of shoppable video pages, video on category pages and video on product pages.

These videos included tips on top curtains, the best bedding solutions, how to survive your move, and many more. 

With the TVPage platform, Bed Bath was able to open up multiple distinct sources for content: (i) internal production efforts; (ii) vendor produced content; and (iii) content from salespeople/experts.

Bed Bath quickly realized that TVPage was not just another online video platform. In addition to a state-of-the-art Video Player and broadcast-grade Video Delivery, the TVPage platform encompasses a Matching Engine that is able to match products to videos and manage video coverage for products across the catalog. This means that Bed Bath would suddenly be able to query an API that would return the right product for any given video to purchase right there, while the consumer is watching!

Bed Bath realized how important both the Matching Engine and Recommendation Engine were to achieving their goals. With millions of SKUs under management, Bed Bath needed both dynamic matching and dynamic delivery to each product page, just as much as they needed a video player. The TVPage recommendation engine delivers the highest performing matching videos to the right product pages so that every consumer has the highest chance of converting into a customer.

In addition, every single video automatically, when published, generates a dedicated landing page of its own. This enables Bed Bath to send customers to the right video from search, email marketing, other campaigns, and formulate video search results for all relevant keywords across the Bed Bath catalog. 

Tips on How to “Survive your Move”
By a Bed Bath Expert on a Bed Bath Video Page

Bed Bath has been using TVPage since 2016 and it was very clear right after onboarding video pages how important these videos and pages are for SEO. They knew that dedicated “TV Pages” would have to be at the heart of the Bed Bath marketing experience, a standalone shoppable video page for each and every video, in order to ensure that the content is discoverable on Google search.

Google has made it very clear that you must have a “standalone dedicated video page for each and every video” in order to come up on Google as Video Search Results. In fact, Google further notes that each such page must contain “all of its related information”.

Google SEO Guidance
“Create a standalone landing page for every video”

The unique Video Coverage for Products generated on the TVPage platform ensures that all related product metadata from the products that are matched to any given video are properly indexed by Google, directly on the video’s respective standalone page.

This means that when products are searched on Google, relevant videos can come up as video search results. Without shoppable standalone video pages and the platform managing all associated matching metadata, it would only be possible to search videos by Video Title or Description, which rarely contains the actual product keywords and phrases people are searching for.

Bed Bath Google Video Search Results

2 of 4 of the above videos take you to Bed Bath’s online store
From the Google SERP because they have standalone video landing pages for such videos

Every merchant online would prefer the video search traffic to go directly to their online store, where the video is shoppable and conversion rates are well in excess of 5%, versus Youtube, where the video is not shoppable, competitor content/ads appears and conversion rates are 0.5%, at best. Without such video pages, all videos simply live on Youtube from which minimal to no commerce value is achieved.

The Bed Bath rich media experience across their entire online store continues to grow with new content daily. Each video is now discoverable on Google search and directly in the online store where Bed Bath shoppers quickly add to cart, convert at high rates, and engage for an extended period of time.

About TVPage

TVPage enables shoppable content and salespeople beyond the limitations of physical stores by activating storefronts on ecommerce sites, where they post shoppable content. Salespeople drive traffic to their storefronts from their social audiences, generating new engagement and sales. Shoppable videos become discoverable on Google search. TVPage serves the entire experience, and directly reports on all sales. Salespeople earn a commission from their sales, paid directly on the app.