Video Commerce Intelligence


Video Commerce Intelligence (VCI) is the critical data generated on the VCC that retains, at any point in time, the optimal product matches for any given video, and optimal video matches for any given product. VCI is generated by a fully automated (or moderated, as you elect) workflow that incorporates the Product Matching Engine in order to generate product recommendations and gain input for added training and AI-driven self-optimization.

VCI extends your entire product catalog to incorporate rich media for every SKU, and ensures that all such relationships are properly indexed, providing for comprehensive keyword coverage for on-site search and navigation. Without VCI, an on-site video search experience would generally search basic video metadata only (ie. title and description), which does not provide enough information to know for certain that the video contains (or relates to) the specific product(s) that the consumer is looking for.

Growing VCI as part of your operational business intelligence becomes essential in order to enable consumers to search, navigate and explore related products as they seek and engage with video content throughout your eCommerce and marketing channels.

We see the benefit across all channels, highlighted with respect to SEO, search and other data-driven applications. Ultimately, to ensure that Google indexes all associated product keywords for a given video, not only does such video need to have shoppable TV Pages, but the matching product metadata must also appear on such pages - all made possible with VCI.

In fact, dynamically serving the matching video(s) to your category and product pages is equally made possible, at scale, with growing VCI for your catalog, escalating the value of this added intelligence as you gain increased Video Coverage for your Products.







Businesses that market with videos grow their revenue 49% faster, every year, than businesses that who don’t use videos. This is according to a study run by the Aberdeen Group.