Curate Video Content

  • Leverage content from multiple sources with our sourcing engine
  • Our Universal Video Player will play content from any source (Youtube, Vimeo, Direct Upload)
  • Create engaging and dynamically optimized Video Experiences
  • Monetize video experiences with native video campaigns, preroll, and product listings

Publish Video Experiences

  • Video widgets are deployed in minutes and are fully customizable
  • Create video galleries with navigation, searching, sorting & filtering
  • Drive new organic traffic via SEO optimized video gallery pages
  • Video experiences create multiple monetization opportunities (outlined below)

Native Video Ads

  • Monetize high traffic programmatic native ad spots on widgets
  • Increase engagement and click-through rates with relevant video advertisements
  • Offer premium private spots to select advertisers with our private bidding exchange

Video Product Listing Ads

  • Programmatic placement of product links on video
  • Leverage PPC Product Ads to merchandise curated videos
  • Utilize our video commerce exchange to access PPC Product Listings
  • Harness video commerce to provide contextual video for your affiliate marketing initiatives

Video Preroll Ads

  • Support for VAST / VPAID compliant video preroll ads
  • Integrated with Google IMA SDK for DFP
  • Combine with product ads for additional monetization

Private Exchange

  • Offer private placements to select advertisers
  • Enable biddable spots or widget buy-outs
  • Generate and monetize premium video inventory
  • Full Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) reporting to advertisers