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September 10, 2020

ReserveBar and TVPage

Together, ReserveBar and TVPage are changing the way fine wines and liqueurs are bought and sold via an ambitious brand ambassador strategy.


Reserve Bar is an online retailer of fine wines and liquors.

ReserveBar provides high-end wine and spirits enthusiasts with premium beverages and drinking accessories, delivered right to their doorsteps. Looking to celebrate a special occasion with a bottle of Remy Martin Louis VIII? Maybe you want to gift that special someone in your life with an engraved bottle of bourbon. You can do both at ReserveBar, whose selection of top-shelf liquor options is quite impressive.

While the ReserveBar brand is growing and the company has sold millions of bottles of alcohol since its inception in 2012, its founders realized that if they wanted to take their business to the next level, they needed help. TVPage was more than willing to lend a hand.

The Challenge

To succeed online, companies must create compelling content on a consistent basis. Without peer-to-peer type marketing content, brands likely will struggle to connect with customers in a meaningful way.

ReserveBar, like many brands, doesn't have the ability to create content in-house at scale. Recognizing this, the company's leadership approached TVPage with the goal of building an ambitious ambassador program.

By partnering with talented bartenders, mixologists, and other influencers in the alcoholic beverages industry, ReserveBar hoped to create a content generation machine that will propel its brands to new, never before achieved heights.

The Solution

A ReserveBar Ambassador Storefront

ReserveBar knew that partnering with brand ambassadors was its best chance to generate compelling content and succeed online — but they had a challenge. How do you connect with professional and experienced ambassadors? And how do you build a system in which said ambassadors can thrive? The answer: partner with TVPage!

Access to Ambassadors

For companies looking to enable ambassadors to sell online, ambassadors can come from one of three sources; 1) Internal Sales Associates 2) Customers and 3) External Influencers. Utilizing TVPage’s network of ambassadors to kick-start the program with External Influencers created tremendous value and an easy way to get started for ReserveBar.

The TVPage platform lets you access the talent of social media influencers who are passionate about the brands that work with TVPage and ready to promote their products to their highly-engaged followings. ReserveBar was able to review candidates from this community and partner with true professionals to better market its brand.

Social Media Reach

Social media links the world and helps build relationships between like-minded people. By tapping into these networks, businesses can quickly build engaged followings and connect with potential customers who would otherwise be out of reach. 

To supercharge this process, ReserveBar empowers its team of brand ambassadors to share content related to the brand to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube profiles. Every piece of content shared contains a specific link that each ambassador's audience can follow to purchase products on the ReserveBar website. When they do, the ambassador receives a commission on the sale.

This kind of "shoppable content" allows ReserveBar to extend its social media reach, while rewarding ambassadors for the extra sales they generate for the company.

Better SEO Performance

It's estimated that 30% of Google search queries are video specific. Imagine the ROI your company could achieve by boosting its SEO performance by 30% automatically.

ReserveBar doesn't have to imagine this scenario anymore. Every piece of video content that its network of brand ambassadors creates via the TVPage platform is properly coded to include product keyword data so that Google can index the content in its search results.

This has allowed ReserveBar to greatly increase the effectiveness of its SEO efforts and consistently reach customers searching for alcoholic beverages online.

The Results

Before TVPage, ReserveBar didn't have a way to generate content internally at scale. Now, the e-commerce company has an army of talented ambassadors to create content for them and promote its brand across a wide variety of social media channels. The result has been an increase in sales and revenue since establishing the program.

ReserveBar has also seen a bump in SEO. Many of the pieces of content that its ambassadors create show up in Google Search results, allowing for more lead generation opportunities.

About TVPage

TVPage enables shoppable content and salespeople beyond the limitations of physical stores by activating storefronts on ecommerce sites, where they post shoppable content. Salespeople drive traffic to their storefronts from their social audiences, generating new engagement and sales. Shoppable videos become discoverable on Google search. TVPage serves the entire experience, and directly reports on all sales. Salespeople earn a commission from their sales, paid directly on the app.