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March 7, 2020

Taylor Guitars and TVPage

Bringing quality craftsmanship to musicians everywhere.

A Man Playing a Taylor Guitar

If you're a musician, Taylor Guitars needs no introduction. The legendary manufacturer was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug in El Cajon, CA and has been producing quality instruments ever since. Some of the world's best songwriters and performers including Shawn Mendes, Zac Brown Band, and George Strait play Taylor. 

But a sterling reputation and the endorsement of top industry folks, while valuable, doesn't immediately translate into incredible sales numbers on its own.

The Challenge

A 600 Series Taylor Guitar

Guitar buying, especially at higher price points, is a deeply personal process. The instrument needs to sound amazing, play great, and look good in order for a customer to make a purchase. But what sounds, plays, and looks right to one musician might be different for another.

This fact makes online guitar sales a challenge. After all, a customer can't hear what a guitar sounds like or feel how it plays by browsing a standard web page.

To further complicate matters, guitar manufacturing is a complicated endeavor. The wood used to craft an instrument, as well as the shape of its body, can dramatically affect its sound quality. But a spec sheet listing wood types and dimensions makes most player's eyes glaze over.

Taylor Guitars needed a practical and accurate way to showcase their instruments to potential customers without them actually being able to play the guitars themselves. As it turns out, video commerce is the perfect solution and it's what led Taylor to TVPage (TVP).

The Solution

A TV Page for Taylor Guitars

TVP has been able to help Taylor Guitars overcome its unique challenges in three distinct ways. 

  1. First, the TVP platform features broadcast-grade video delivery resulting in sonically accurate videos that properly portray the sound quality of Taylor Guitars.
  2. Second, the technology behind TVP easily matches videos to the products being sold in them, leading to a highly convenient buying process for all consumers.
  3. And third, TVP's extensive network of ambassadors give Taylor Guitars access to a wealth of musicians on social media who can help promote the Taylor brand.

Let's take a look at each of these solutions in greater detail:

Better Sound Quality

TVP is more than your average online video platform. It features a state-of-the-art Video Player and Broadcast-Grade Video Delivery, which ensures every video watched through TVP has minimal buffering time as well as crystal clear sound quality.

This is absolutely essential for Taylor Guitars. If the professional-level sound quality of its instruments isn't conveyed to viewers, or the videos they create won't upload in a timely manner, potential customers won't be able to properly assess the guitars Taylor creates and are much less likely to make a purchase.

By creating videos for the TVP platform, Taylor Guitars ensures the quality craftsmanship of its instruments is portrayed accurately, resulting in more sales.

Convenient Buying Process

Speaking of sales, TVP's Video Commerce Platform has other noteworthy benefits. Namely, its Matching Engine technology that features extended intelligence around Taylor Guitars' inventory. In a nutshell, TVP is able to automatically match the product being talked about in a specific video to its correlating sales page — in real-time. This creates an incredibly convenient buying process for all Taylor Guitars customers.

Since Taylor Guitars sells hundreds of different products, from acoustic and electric guitars to T-shirts, coffee mugs, and books; the fact that TVP matches videos to products without additional effort from Taylor Guitars employees is also a massive time-saver for the company.

There's no doubt about it, TVP provides an excellent platform for Taylor Guitars to sell its instruments to strum-happy customers. But if said customers can't find the brand's videos, does it really matter?

Fortunately, due to TVP's commitment to SEO discoverability, every "TV Page" that Taylor creates ranks well in Google search. This is because TVP ensures that all necessary product metadata is matched to the correct video and properly indexed by Google. The end result is a shoppable TV Page that consistently appears in Google search results, even when exact keywords aren't queried.

Taylor Guitars video search results on Google
(Notice how the first two videos link directly to the Taylor Guitars website,
while the third takes viewers to YouTube)

Ambassador Network

Lastly, Taylor Guitars benefits from TVP's extensive ambassador marketing features.

We all know that ambassador marketing is one of the best ways to create brand awareness and boost sales. By partnering with relevant social media users in specific niches, companies are able to get their products in front of a highly targeted audience and use ambassador recommendations to build trust with new potential buyers.

TVP makes it easy for Taylor to connect with internal ambassadors, AKA company employees with social media followings. The guitar manufacturer simply records its staff members playing and talking about its instruments. These demo videos are then uploaded to TVP and a unique TV Page is created that can easily be shared on social media.

When someone in an employee's social following watches one of these videos and makes a purchase, Taylor Guitars scores a new sale and the platform enables Taylor to share a commission. In other words, the arrangement benefits all involved — especially the customer who tends to find employee videos more trustworthy and valuable than traditional promo videos created by brands.

About TVP

Video Commerce brings video (the most engaging online medium) and shopping (the most engaging online practice) together into one seamless experience that's been proven to generate significantly higher conversion rates, boost time-on-site metrics, and improve customer loyalty.

The TVP platform, specifically, enables brands and retailers to illuminate their direct-to-consumer channels with a powered funnel driven by Dynamic Content and Ambassador Video Commerce.

By leveraging video commerce technology, we're confident you'll be able to immediately start generating traffic, sales, and engagement on entirely new levels — just like Taylor Guitars. Request a Demo of TVP today and a specialist will be in touch as soon as possible.